As a female Asian wedding photographer I feel privileged to be documenting what is possibly the most important day of my client's lives. This role humbles me and brings about emotions that I try to allow into my creative art. The love between a husband and wife, the adoration of their parents and the pure joy of the guests is all captured in an instant – and I have the role of bringing that moment to life.

I was born in the Soviet Union and brought up in Latvia – this clash of two cultures, two worlds and two languages has offered me special insight into the relationships that we form – especially within our families. When two families come together as part of a wedding ceremony the ability to capture that special moment is one that I treasure. For me, family is everything. My husband, my child, my parents, my friends. They all help me form my insights and this is a part of my photography.

Some years ago I was privileged to be asked to photograph a Sikh wedding and since then I have focussed primarily on Asian wedding ceremonies. My style and emotional connection  is perfectly suited to the needs of these events. I feel I have a special affinity with the culture as it mimics my own.

My photography style is one of moments. I tell a story and develop a narrative that takes you through the day and beyond. As someone who cares about you and your requirements, I take the time to get to know you and your family. I aim for a natural and honest look – almost as if the photographer has stumbled upon the scene. This spontaneous approach offers a candid style that reveals the inner beauty of the subjects. True personalities are revealed.

Of course, formal photography is still a part of this procedure and certainly has its place when it comes to a traditional wedding album. Photos are then developed using careful editing to offer a vintage or rustic look (where desired) and the colouring is adjusted to fit in with the style of the wedding.

My background has brought me to this career and my natural creative flair and love of photography has taken me on a journey that is ever changing and incredibly exciting. Working with you on your special day will be something I will never forget and hopefully your memories will be captured for too.