Fairy in the Forest

Today I took my daughter Daniela to Puzzlewood, a magical place located near Coleford.

Click on the image to see the gallery

Click on the image to see the gallery

Prior to the shoot I have purchased a fairy outfit, which Daniela was very exited about. Once we arrived to the forest, Dani put her outfit on and became a real fairy. Puzzlewood offers a variety of fairy tale type spots which are perfect for little fairies. During the photo shoot many families with children were walking by and I heard "I told you there would be a fairy in the wood", or "Didn't I say you will see a real fairy?" many times. I then knew that the photos will become not only memorable visuals but also great memories about this day. 

When I was a child, I would always dream of having the wings. Hence, I purchase the outfit and decided to realize my dream, but only through my daughter. She was excited to be a fairy for a day, and in a few days' time the photos of the day will be on our feature wall. 

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