Monmouth Wedding Photography | Magdalena & Myles

Recently, I was booked for a traditional Polish/English wedding that I was very excited to attend. The bride Maddie was looking forward to seeing how beautiful and perfect I could make her big day appear. As you can see from the photographs in this post, I didn’t disappoint.

We spent the morning getting ready in Chepstow, where I took images of Maddie undergoing her beauty treatments. She also spent a while with a professional stylist to ensure she looked like the perfect bride. Her husband-to-be Myles was nowhere to be seen, but the tradition of not seeing your bride is just as important in Polish culture as it is at home. I knew I would catch up with him at the registry office later. They had chosen to get married in a Monmouth registry office. 

Once everyone had left the registry office, it was time to head to the reception which took place in Llandogo Millenium Centre, Wales. Before the happy couple entered, they performed a Polish bread and salt tradition and had a shot of vodka. Well, one of them did. There were two glasses; one filled with vodka, one with water. Who gets the alcohol is down to the luck of the draw. Celebrations were soon underway, and everyone had a great time. After some standard speeches, everyone tucked into traditional Polish dishes and filled their stomachs.

In the evening, attendees (who came from thirteen countries) let their hair down and danced the night away. As you can see from the photographs, I successfully captured their enjoyment and even had a little boogie myself in between snaps. The night culminated with a world-class fire performance that left us on the edge of our seats.