Pre-Wedding Engagement Photoshoot Bath | Poppy Field Shoot

I’ve been driving around the country and seen patches of poppies around. And wished I could find a field full of poppies, to take a couple for their pre-wedding shoot. After careful location scouting, I managed to find a poppy field in Bath countryside.

Climbing the fence, getting the feet scratched and legs stung by the nettles - that’s all part of an exciting ongoing wedding preparation. Some may disagree, but how often do you end up standing in the middle of the juicy red poppies?! 


Next thing I know, the bride was carrying her man back to the car on the shoulder. And why not? This reminded me of Nekrasov’s description of a Russian woman: “She can stop a galloping horse, enter a house on fire.” Real women aren’t fake but enduring, strong and will-powered.


This Bath view reminds me of the setting in the film “Perfume” - the grand stone buildings, narrow streets and the residential homes on the bridge. The Pultney bridge is one of only four in the world to have shops across on each side. ⠀