Godh Bharai Photography Bristol | Hindu Baby Shower Photographer

A Hindu baby shower, Godh Bharai, took place on an unusually warm autumn day in Bristol. The mother-to-be Sejal had her Godh Bharai on the seventh month of pregnancy which is traditionally considered safe at that point. 


The Godh Bharai celebration started with a Ganesh Puja. The expectant mother entered the hall where a white cloth is placed under her feet leading to the Puja place. She makes each step by placing her toe on a betel nut which, in turn, was placed by a young family member. 


As a family photographer in Bristol, I took great care documenting the main events of the Hindu gathering. The family members’ presence and their involvement was important to the family, hence, reflected in the photographs. 


The name Godh Bharai translates “fill the lap”. During the celebration, the expectant mother’s lap gets filed with gifts, fruits, and other auspicious items such as a coconut which gets painted with a red swastika.


The day proceeding with the singing and dancing after which the food was served. Everyone was involved in celebrating the new life of the son-to-be-born baby and the health of the mother.