Am I a Hybrid Photographer?

Recently, it has become trendy or fashionable to go back to basics and shoot on film. In my recent blog article I discussed the photographers’ dependancy on digital cameras - it enables us to view and assess the photo we had just taken. View the article here. It also allows us to adjust the image in photo editing software to enhance or fix any details or the whole image.

A photographer who is able to take images not only on a digital but also on an analog camera, is often called a hybrid photographer. By having both options, the photographer is able to choose which technique would be most suitable for each situation, environment in order to achieve a desired effect.

A self-portrait holding my Zenit 35mm film camera

A self-portrait holding my Zenit 35mm film camera

Film makes the processes around me slow down and lets me re-evaluate everything I know about photography. Film requires more attention, more experience and intuition and make the decisive judgment. Finally, film allows to achieve the unique analog camera effect that a digital camera cannot possibly offer.

Occasionally I bring both of my cameras - analog and a DSLR to shoot on location. Depending on the weather conditions, time restrictions, and type of shoot, I would choose one or the other. The ability of having more choice and option is always rewarding. In the end, the filk negatives are always digitally scanned, should any edited and retouching is required.

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