Russian-Style Fashion Shoot | London, Kensington

Fashion has always been inspired by the customs and symbols of different cultures. Fashion borrows, creates the new on the foundations of the old. When objects lose every connection to their history and tradition, they become empty symbols of exoticism.

The Russian style photo shoots portray the contemporary fashion with the elements of traditional Russian clothing. These traditions have shaped the aesthetics and values of the community which I also belong to.

The collection re-energises traditional styles with a bold of colourful twist incorporating iconic folklore elements. Red coloured garments and Russian floral scarves (Pavlovoposad Scarves) are key features throughout the looks as we embrace the nostalgia of the past while looking to the future.

Slavic floral collection which brings the essence of spring into the cities with charming wildflower prints. The streets and sidewalks of the world’s cities will be blooming with roses. The collection comprises a selection of Russian folklore style inspired floral shapes printed with beautiful rose prints which evoke the sights and smells of the countryside in springtime.

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