These are the photographic guidelines for shooting groom prep shots for Natalia Smith Photography. Please ensure the following technical aspects:

  • shoot on both cards, should your camera has two card slots

  • date and time set on your camera is up to date

  • shoot in RAW or equivalent

  • try not to exceed ISO 2000 - use flash instead

  • to avoid motion blur, ensure your shutter speed is 1/125 or faster for 24-70mm or equivalent lenses, and 1/200 or faster for 70-200mm or equivalent lenses

Groom’s Attire

If possible, document groom’s attire. Place all the items in an aesthetic arrangement. Also, focus on a separate items - footwear, scarf, jacket.

Detail Shots

Take shots of attire details, such as, watch, cufflinks, beading or embroidery on the outfit. Try to use f2.8 or similar for more depth of field.

Groom’s Portraits

Encourage the groom to have his solo shots done. Ideally, place him by the window where defused daylight comes in. If not possible, choose any other neutral background. Avoid any clutter. Time permitting, the groom can also be taken outside (if any suitable location available, such as nearby park or back garden ) to do more environmental portraits. Focus also on detail shots, such as, fixing cufflinks or watch, or any other details of the garment.

NB: make sure you focus on the subject’s closest eye, unless the emphasis is on another object.

Family’s Participation

Encourage the family to take part in the groom’s dressing up process or any other traditional or cultural customs. For example, to help him put the suit on, or to tie his turban. These may be staged shots. Or, any shots related the groom’s blessing.

NB: Make sure these photos are shot with f 4.0 or more to ensure all subjects are in focus

Family Group Shots

Suggest an appropriate setting for family group shots. Avoid any clutter in the background. If necessary, use flash to emphasise the subjects. Arrange the family shots and their poses to show connection - giving a hug, or holding onto each other.

NB: Make sure the group photos are shot with f 5.0 or f 5.5. to ensure all subjects are in focus.

Groom Leaving the House

Depending on the itinerary and the family’s preference regarding the leaving shots, you may need to suggest having a few staged shots done. Ensure the groom’s father or any other relatives would lead the groom towards the car. Document the walking outside the house process. Ask the groom to pause before getting into the car to capture the shot.

Candid Shots

Throughout the session also take some candid shots of the ceremonies taking place. Ask the participants’ permission to document them during any prayers, as this may be an intimate moment which they would not want to be documented.